Protecting land through a conservation easement represents a partnership in perpetuity between the landowner and the land trust. The time and resources invested in creating a conservation easement are rewarded through the permanent preservation and sound stewardship of the land.

NSOLF has been working with willing landowners since 1976 to help meet both the conservation needs of the property and the personal and financial needs of the landowner. For some parcels the protection covers the entire property, while on others, sections are excluded to allow for other uses that could include future home sites and appropriate development.

Our protected parcels, highlighted on the following pages, range in size from 2 acres to 208 acres, including a conservation easement that covers multiple parcels.

Please note that public access is permitted on the Purdys Ridge, Carmichael and Franklin Fels Easements. All others are privately owned lands and public access is prohibited.

 Webmap Easements 600w

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