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The Lances Preserve was the first tract of land given to NSOLF by Audrey and Leo Lances in 1974. This lovely two-acre parcel at the intersection of Titicus Road and Grant Road contains an easy trail. Often used by recreational fishermen, it is a short, mostly straight trail that runs along the Titicus River for about a sixth of a mile and ends at a low stone wall. The North Salem Fish and Game Association stock the river with trout.

Steward: Josh Leicht




Trail Notes

The trail is level, the ground is soft, and there is ample shade from many trees, making for an easy walk. During a walk, the sounds of the river are always audible. Along the path are barberry, ferns and occasionally skunk cabbage, depending on the season you visit.

Lances is a trail that one would walk to get a feel for the nature in North Salem without going too far from “civilization”.

Dog Walking Policy

To ensure the well being of environmentally sensitive plants and animals, the ecology of water resources, as well as protecting the pristine and safe conditions for all visitors to our properties, dogs must be leashed and under the control of their owners at all times on all preserves.

We are grateful for your cooperation!