Gentile sign_180wIn 1994 Rosalina Gentile donated this 3 acre parcel, located across the Tompkins Memorial Track on June Road. This parcel was part of an area designated in the Master Plan of that era as desirable for open space acquisition. Because it is mostly wetlands, there are no trails on it.

This parcel is adjacent to the Bloomerside Extension Preserve which forms a block of contiguous space with the Bloomerside Preserve and permanently protects the intersection of June and Bloomer Roads, giving school children easy access to one of our largest preserves.

Steward: Sally Frank

Dog Walking Policy

To ensure the well being of environmentally sensitive plants and animals, the ecology of water resources, as well as protecting the pristine and safe conditions for all visitors to our properties, dogs must be leashed and under the control of their owners at all times on all preserves.

We are grateful for your cooperation!