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Bloomerside sign_180wThis 63 acre property located on Bloomer Road was purchased by NSOLF with the support of the Town of North Salem and generous neighbors in 2006.

Although the property was fundamentally in good shape, with its location near the North Salem schools, and several trails already blazed, it had also been a popular dump site before the purchase. After several weeks of cleaning out the years of household debris and many more tackling the invasive species, including a lot of help from volunteers cleaning up the site, we could officially call it a preserve.

In 2007 NSOLF purchased 8.5 acres along June and Bloomer Roads to bridge the gap between the Bloomerside Preserve and our long-held Gentile Preserve. This latest acquisition permanently protects this intersection, and gives school kids easy access to one of our largest preserves.

Stewards: Sally Frank


Trail Description

The Bloomerside Preserve can be accessed from several entry points, including two on Bloomer Road, one across from the North Salem High School on June Road and a fourth from the bus garage by the elementary school on June Road (easy parking).

You will notice two distinct elevation changes, an upper path and lower path both parallel to June Road. You may encounter white tailed deer, gray squirrels, chipmunks and red bellied woodpeckers on your hike, as well as many hollowed out trees which have become homes for other local fauna. The landscape is dotted with many different types of plants such as barberry and Christmas ferns. Also, stationed prominently along the way is an equestrian jump, used by local horseback riders.

All in all, the Bloomerside Preserve offers a pleasant, moderate hike in a central location. Approximate length is .75 miles. If you enter from the bus garage, add an additional 1/3 mile to your hike. 




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Dog Walking Policy

To ensure the well being of environmentally sensitive plants and animals, the ecology of water resources, as well as protecting the pristine and safe conditions for all visitors to our properties, dogs must be leashed and under the control of their owners at all times on all preserves.

We are grateful for your cooperation!