Top 10 Preserves and Places to Hike!


PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON ALL OF OUR TRAILS AND PRESERVES- IF YOU SEE DAMAGE OR DOWNED TRESS BLOCKING THE TRAIL PLEASE REPORT IT TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Baxter- Click for Map-- As you can see from the map, there are wide open fields to be enjoyed throughout Baxter South. The southern meadows are managed for wildflowers, pollinators, and migrating birds while the fields around Baxter Pond are managed for hay and migrating birds. As you get past the walls on the southern end of Baxter there are spectacular wildflowers throughout the growing season and this can be a very fragile environment for the wildlife there so please make sure to keep dogs on leash here and on all our preserves to give nesting birds and other wildlife their best chance at survival. Look for map updates in the future. 

2. Durand- Click for MapLocated right behind Ruth Keeler Memorial Library at 276 Titicus Rd, this 10 acre preserve makes for a delighful short hike. Crossing an unnamed brook that flows right into the Titucus Reservour you may see all sorts of spring emphemerals, maybe some small native brook trout, and a varied forest to keep you cool on hot summer days. A new map is in the works and will be available at the library in mid-2020 and will be posted at the trail head as well. 

3. Bloomerside- Click for Map  - Located across the street from NS Middle/High School there are sevearl entrances and will moderatley challenge you with a few elevation changes and well over a mile if you hike all the marked trails on 63 acres. There are maps at the 3 main entrances and you can track your progress with the Avenza app.

4. Halmi- Click for Map  here is the link to Extended Hike: Mountian Lakes Park - Often referred to as Halmi, this wooded preserve is part of several parcels and makes for a beautiful wooded hike which is well over a mile and can access Mountain Lakes camp in the upper reaches making for an extended hike of several miles and many elevation changes. Don't miss this one!

5. Marx- Click for Map - Consisting of over 100 acres, this varied preserve is moslty located in Lewiboro and can be accessed at Sullivan Rd off of Rt. 138, and at a parking area on Rt. 138. Look for the NSOLF preserve sign. Well marked trails, recently rennovated, will bring you through areas being reclaimed from invasive overgrowth to quiet wooded upland.

6. Hayfield on Keeler- Click for Map - Located on Keeler Lane, this short, though vigorous hike takes you on the perimeter of a working hayfield. The trail also bisects the area which is home to perhaps the only area left in Westchester County which is home to a thriving population of nesting boblinks from May to mid-July. Take in the beautiful views and enjoy the fresh air.

7. Gaymark/Mills-   **Map in Progress** Pleased Stayed Tuned- Located on both sides of Dingle Ridge Road, these two preserves make for a varied hike on wooded trails and open meadow that will be a treat to the eyes and ears. There are many speicies of birds, mammas, and wildflowers throughout the seasons. These preserves are marked and located half way between Rt. 121 and Vail Lane before the hairpin turn.

8. Franklin-Fels- Click for Map Map Thanks to Bedford Audubon

9. Grossman - Located on Chapel Court in Lewisboro (accessed of of Chapel Rd) this relatively small preserve will take you up out of a valley into higher ground and back; a 1 mile loop will have you in guiet wooded setting that is absolutely beautiful. Take the red trail!

10. Lances/Lippmann Family- Located in the heart of North Salem, this short loop will have you exploring a true flood plain along the Titicus River. While not a long hike, this walk can be accessed from either the intersectdion of Titicus Rd and Rt. 121 or from the North Salem Fire Station. There are wonderful spring empherals to be enjoyed.